Conference 2021 (1)

“Modelling of metropolitan government.
Part I: Scope and public tasks”
25-26 February 2021, ZOOM

The future is big cities and metropolises. They concentrate more and more people, capital and functions. There is no slightest doubt that a well-organized and well-functioning metropolis is a high standard of living for its inhabitants. Let’s hope that in the short term also in the Republic of Poland the legal status of the metropolitan government will be regulated. Until this happens, however, the role of think tanks is to conceptualise the institution – that is, to model it. The modeling of metropolitan self-government should begin with the scope of activity, public tasks and competences, hence the title of the conference. After all, the functionality of metropolitan government should be the first step in building institutions. Among potential “metropolitan” areas of life one should consider: development policy, spatial planning, development of transport infrastructure, organization of public transport, urban mobility, water and sewage management, waste management or climate protection.

Therefore, the Metropolitan Institute organizes an interdisciplinary scientific conference, during which invited guests – – scientists, experts and officials – will present the concepts of functionality of metropolitan government, including catalogs of public tasks or competences for their implementation. All this is done in order to introduce new content to the scientific circulation and to provide the necessary knowledge to the legislator facing the necessity of the reform.